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The Village of Nicasio

An Introduction to Nicasio:

Of all Marin towns, one could say that Nicasio has changed the least. For sure, the changes are less visible, and its preservation is a miracle that can’t be taken for granted. For many, Nicasio is a place to happily pass through on the way to or from the coastal areas of Point Reyes and Tomales Bay; “happily” because it is always beautiful, in any weather, and it hasn’t been transformed into the congested suburbia found only five miles east. It gives travelers an extended ride through nice scenery at a genteel pace.

But there is much more to Nicasio than its scenery and quaintness: there are people living in those houses; men and women working in the barns; families worshiping at the church on Sunday. There is a history that is rich, complex and surprising, from Native Americans to dairy farmers to the highest of high tech. Its preservation was no accident: almost a quarter of the valley was drowned by a reservoir and plans surfaced for intensive development fed by a freeway. It took action by locals, concerned county residents and the board of supervisors to create a plan that would keep the hills and valley free from the irrevocable suburban intrusions that changed so many similar valleys in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This book celebrates the past of this unique little corner of America, in hopes of preserving not only its history, but also its sense of community. It is intended first for Nicasio residents past, present and future, as a means recall good times and old friends or to further appreciate their fine home. For those unfortunate not to live in Nicasio, we hope to enlighten and entertain them with the multi-faceted and interesting history of this place they pass through, whether often or rarely. This book is the work of many people, who love Nicasio to the extent they wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world.

Nicasio Today: